Friday, July 2, 2010

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Lavender Essential Oil for Burns

Lavender Essential Oil is most likely the most versatile of all essential oils. If you were to only be able to buy one oil this is it.  Many people know it as a calming oil but it does so much more. I am not going to go into great detail because Lavender has been written about so much but I will share an experience with you. First I will mention that when buying lavender be sure to buy organic and look for Lavandula Angustifolia on the label. Lavender is anti-bacterial and antiseptic so it is ideal for the first aid kit. Lavender is great for burns, unfortunately I had to find that our yesterday.
Of course, it always seems like when I am gone for the day and the boy is with the hubby accidents happen…lol. Poor guys. Anyway, my son and hubby were doing yard work all day which included trimming some trees. My hubby finished and shut the chain saw off (thank god) and casey tried to be helpful and put the cover on, as Jason was yelling “no” he touched it and it was of course hot so it burned him. Nice bubbly blisters. He immediately applied lavender (neat) and I did it twice more before bed. On top of that, it’s April and we did not think of sunscreen, Casey’s ears burned and he had little blisters on his ears which we also applied lavender to. By this morning the hand burns are healed, no blistering, and no “popping” of the blisters which causes scarring. The is also no sunburn or blisters on his ears. Here is a photo of the healed hand, now I will apply vitamin E, jojoba oil, lavender and frankincense to prevent scarring. 
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Knitting IS Sexy- Read This Even if You Don’t Knit


I first learned to crochet (sort of) when I was six, my grandma taught me but I never got really good. I was the type of kid (and adult) that could learn something from a book and I wanted to learn to knit. But in 1977 no books were really good at teaching a 6 year old left handed kid how to knit. Not to mention the horrid acrylic baby colored yarn. So I gave it up although did needlecraft (dear goddess not sewing) all my life.
Then in 2002 after I got laid off (and before I had a kid) I was sitting at home watching the today show I saw Debbie Stoller talk about her book Stitch and Bitch, realized knitting and fibers were not just for grandmas anymore. I ran right out and got the book, (she btw has the best left handed instructions I have ever seen) got some yarn and taught myself to knit. Then I found a true yarn shop and never bought another thing from a large craft store. Yes, I am a yarn ho but while more expensive it does not make sense to spend time on a beautiful garment and not have it feel good or to fall apart. Ladies, good yarn is worth it.
And it is NOT your grandma’s knitting anymore!!! You can make some HAWT garments, even lingerie, bras, corsets and tap pants.
Anyway, I digress, sort of. Recently I came across a calendar called Knitting IS Sexy created by Tammi Cunningham a local philanthropist, restaurateur and life coach.  Think Calendar Girls meets Vogue Knitting. Tammi discovered knitting on a trip to Ethiopia where she does a lot of work locally. She also came across some pre-conceived notions that people did not think women who knit were sexy. So she got cheeky and got several women to empower themselves to pose semi-nude for a calendar and donate the proceeds to Ethiopian families in need. If you go to the Knitting is Sexy website and watch the video you will be brought to tears of the stories of empowerment through creativity and the idea of being sexy especially as some of of become mothers and even grandmothers.
I for one have had some body issues, but I write it off as being even more sexy as I age, but let’s face it I would love to have the body I once had. At the same time the wisdom that has come with experience is sexy beyond compare. In my view women were given the power to create; one of the most powerful forces in the Universe and revered no matter what your spiritual beliefs. It is a part of us we cannot ignore. Even when we are not; or choose not; or cannot create life, we can create, and create we will. That is what makes us women and that is what is makes us powerful.
Tammi and Laurie have grasped this concept and empowered some women to get bold and naked in more ways than one. But the best part is the sales of this calendar go to which donates to families in need in Ethiopia. I have decided to purchase 5 calendars for giveaway because that is how passionate I am about this. I do hope you spread the word and purchase this as well. I am aware we are in April but you still have 9 months to enjoy the wisdom of these women.
So for this giveaway I only require a few things, and I will giveaway 5 of these. Please comment so I can enter you.
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Through a Dog’s Ear CD Review and Giveaway


I love relaxing music…I mean who doesn’t? I have quite a collection because I always used music for massage, yoga, and dance. As many of you have read I am embarking on a Canine Massage program and I do Canine Aromatics. So I though I better get some music for the dogs because I have read of scientific research on sound healing for animals. I went to my favorite site for calming music Sounds True, and lo and behold they have a Book/CD package called Through a Dogs Ear.Created by Joshua Leeds (Psychoacoustic expert ) and Susan Wagner (veterinary Neurologist) have used the latest sound research to create music calming to both dogs and people.Clinical trials showed that this CD calmed 70% of kennel animals and 85% of household dogs. The accompanying book also discussed how to use sound as a tool to alleviate separation anxiety, fear, thunderstorm panic and other behavioral problems. I got my CD and of course listened to it right away and it calmed both myself and the dog, but last Tuesday I got the unique opportunity to try it out in a specific situation.
This guy who my son quickly named Bixby (later we found out he was named Deuce) found us on our way to school. He chased down my car, made me stop in the middle of the street to run circles around it; I could not go front or back, then he was jumping on the doors; I knew he was friendly. So I opened the door and he hopped right in. I brought him home and left while I took my son to school.
I knew he was young because he had beautiful teeth (turns out he’s 3).
He got to meet Zed our 11 year old Vizsla who is much lazier than he used to be (and neutered) but put him around other dogs and he gets his mojo back in more ways than one. To set his territory he is a humper we call him Sir-Humps-A-Lot.
So he had a grand time playing with this new friend, and humped for about 3 hours non-stop. I was worried he would get very sore and tired, and I had to leave to pick up my son. I did not want to leave the new friend outside because I did not know if he was an escape artist so I was risking leaving them in the house alone and I wanted them to calm down. I popped in the CD made a blanket bed for deuce and within 10 minutes they were both in their beds relaxed. I left the music on when I left the house, and I can’t be sure what they did but when I got back an hour later they were both fast asleep. (his owner found us later that day).
I highly encourage anyone with hyper or skittish dogs to try out this CD. If you are an animal professional, work with rescues, kennels, or in a veterinarians office I think you will see vast improvement in the atmosphere of your facility if you play this music.
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mountain Rose Relaxation Kit Giveaway

Winner Jen B.
We are so thrilled to be hosting our very first giveaway!! One lucky winner will receive a Relaxation Kit with herbs and oils provided by Mountain Rose Herbs! The giveaway will run through March 30th. The Kit includes:
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