Monday, April 12, 2010

Knitting IS Sexy- Read This Even if You Don’t Knit


I first learned to crochet (sort of) when I was six, my grandma taught me but I never got really good. I was the type of kid (and adult) that could learn something from a book and I wanted to learn to knit. But in 1977 no books were really good at teaching a 6 year old left handed kid how to knit. Not to mention the horrid acrylic baby colored yarn. So I gave it up although did needlecraft (dear goddess not sewing) all my life.
Then in 2002 after I got laid off (and before I had a kid) I was sitting at home watching the today show I saw Debbie Stoller talk about her book Stitch and Bitch, realized knitting and fibers were not just for grandmas anymore. I ran right out and got the book, (she btw has the best left handed instructions I have ever seen) got some yarn and taught myself to knit. Then I found a true yarn shop and never bought another thing from a large craft store. Yes, I am a yarn ho but while more expensive it does not make sense to spend time on a beautiful garment and not have it feel good or to fall apart. Ladies, good yarn is worth it.
And it is NOT your grandma’s knitting anymore!!! You can make some HAWT garments, even lingerie, bras, corsets and tap pants.
Anyway, I digress, sort of. Recently I came across a calendar called Knitting IS Sexy created by Tammi Cunningham a local philanthropist, restaurateur and life coach.  Think Calendar Girls meets Vogue Knitting. Tammi discovered knitting on a trip to Ethiopia where she does a lot of work locally. She also came across some pre-conceived notions that people did not think women who knit were sexy. So she got cheeky and got several women to empower themselves to pose semi-nude for a calendar and donate the proceeds to Ethiopian families in need. If you go to the Knitting is Sexy website and watch the video you will be brought to tears of the stories of empowerment through creativity and the idea of being sexy especially as some of of become mothers and even grandmothers.
I for one have had some body issues, but I write it off as being even more sexy as I age, but let’s face it I would love to have the body I once had. At the same time the wisdom that has come with experience is sexy beyond compare. In my view women were given the power to create; one of the most powerful forces in the Universe and revered no matter what your spiritual beliefs. It is a part of us we cannot ignore. Even when we are not; or choose not; or cannot create life, we can create, and create we will. That is what makes us women and that is what is makes us powerful.
Tammi and Laurie have grasped this concept and empowered some women to get bold and naked in more ways than one. But the best part is the sales of this calendar go to which donates to families in need in Ethiopia. I have decided to purchase 5 calendars for giveaway because that is how passionate I am about this. I do hope you spread the word and purchase this as well. I am aware we are in April but you still have 9 months to enjoy the wisdom of these women.
So for this giveaway I only require a few things, and I will giveaway 5 of these. Please comment so I can enter you.
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