Monday, April 12, 2010

Lavender Essential Oil for Burns

Lavender Essential Oil is most likely the most versatile of all essential oils. If you were to only be able to buy one oil this is it.  Many people know it as a calming oil but it does so much more. I am not going to go into great detail because Lavender has been written about so much but I will share an experience with you. First I will mention that when buying lavender be sure to buy organic and look for Lavandula Angustifolia on the label. Lavender is anti-bacterial and antiseptic so it is ideal for the first aid kit. Lavender is great for burns, unfortunately I had to find that our yesterday.
Of course, it always seems like when I am gone for the day and the boy is with the hubby accidents happen…lol. Poor guys. Anyway, my son and hubby were doing yard work all day which included trimming some trees. My hubby finished and shut the chain saw off (thank god) and casey tried to be helpful and put the cover on, as Jason was yelling “no” he touched it and it was of course hot so it burned him. Nice bubbly blisters. He immediately applied lavender (neat) and I did it twice more before bed. On top of that, it’s April and we did not think of sunscreen, Casey’s ears burned and he had little blisters on his ears which we also applied lavender to. By this morning the hand burns are healed, no blistering, and no “popping” of the blisters which causes scarring. The is also no sunburn or blisters on his ears. Here is a photo of the healed hand, now I will apply vitamin E, jojoba oil, lavender and frankincense to prevent scarring. 
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